Women in MET

MET Graduate Profile:

Elizabeth L. Crabtree
Efficiency Maine
Business Program Manager

“The MET program gave me a tremendous knowledge base which I used to pursue a career in energy efficiency. I have always been passionate about the efficient use of energy, resources, and time! The MET program prepared me very well in many ways.

First, the program helps us develop and find success in tackling and in solving problems. In other words, we learn to think like engineers and to not be intimidated by the unknown.

Second, the curriculum exposes us a wide variety of technologies and industries. This enables us to hit the round running in many settings and to immediately make a contribution.

Third, it helps develop our ability to work on teams and to value the creative problem solving power of a team.

The MET education I received has opened many doors for me and enabled me to undertake challenging and rewarding career opportunities. The best part is that I’m still learning (and I get paid for it!)”

– Elizabeth