Our Design

Design Specifications:

  • Unit should be able to fit on top of a standard nurse’s cart measuring roughly 1.5ft x 1.0ft.
  • Pill crusher should be able to crush 5 standard Tylenol or Ibuprophen pills within 20 seconds.
  • Pill crusher should cost no more than $300(powered) or $150(mechanical).
  • Pill crusher should weight no more than 15 lbs
  • Pill crusher should have no large impulses.
  • Pill crusher should not tip over while in use.
  • Pill crusher should not need maintenance.

The Palm-nailer

We incorporated a  Milwaukee M12 palm-nailer into our design. This delivers the force needed to crush the pills.












Palm Nailer Assembly Drawings. Click for a larger image.

Our Design  

Our design starts with the palm-nailer. Using aluminum, we designed and machined an enclosure to house the nailer. To further secure it in the aluminum we poured Flex 70 Aluminite which molded to the bottom half of the palm nailer. The palm-nailer forces an aluminum crushing plate (where the pills are placed) upward against an aluminum lid. Sound proofing will be applied around the aluminum plates and covered with plastic panels. A simple button to activate the pill crusher is attached to an outside panel.