Poster Presentations and Reception

Congratulations to the ten students receiving awards for outstanding posters!


Josh Kelley judging a poster

  • Omodasola Adekeye University of Maine/Biomedical Science

Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Type Q (Ptprq) is involved in the maintenance of glomerular filtration barrier integrity

  • Nnamdi Baker  University of Maine/Microbiology

Using intravital imaging in zebrafish to understand signaling underlying innate immune response to C. albicans infection.

  • Riley Bosco Bangor High School

 Bio-IVP: The Biodegradable Intravenous Packet

  • Samantha Costa GSBSE/MHIR

PD-L1 Expressing Myeloid Cells Promote Bone Marrow Immunosuppression and Osteoclastogenesis with Diet-induced Obesity

Cell-type specific mechanisms of JC polyomavirus infection 

Microglia Depletion Results in Increased Susceptibility to Ocular Hypertension-Dependent Glaucoma

Development of two mechanistically distinct transgenic in vivo axolotl cell-ablation systems at various life stages

 The Role and Regulation of TRP53 in the oocyte’s response to radiation-induced damage

ALK1 Coordinates Pro-Angiogenic Sclerostin, CD105, and IGFBP3 Secretion Following Preconditioning with BMP9 in Human Cardiac Progenitor Cells 

  • Mohamad Zaid GSBSE/University of Maine   

Sex-based differences in ophthalmic and central retinal artery velocity: From the heart to the eye analysis


Thank you to our judges: Ahmed Almaghasilah, Amanda Collamore, Anastasia  Paulmann, Arturo  Hernandez, Ben Harrison, Ben King, Caitlin Howell, Colleen Marzilli, Cory Johnson, Dustin Updike, Greg Cox, Hannah Lust, Hermann Haller, Iain Drummond, Janet Yancey-Wrona, Jared Talbot, Melody Neely, Meredith Theeman, Michael Babcock, Michael Mason, Prayag Murawala, Rob Koza, Rob Wheeler, Ron Korstanje, Steve Sutton, Suzanne Angeli, Zhao Xuan, Ziru Li, Kelly Klein


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