Seth Tyler

Contact Information

Phone: 207.581.2549


Lab website: Link to Website

Address: 203 Murray Hall


Ph.D. University of North Carolina, 1975

Research Interests

Invertebrate biology; electron and fluorescence microscopy; phylogeny of lower invertebrates; meiofauna


Invertebrate biology is the broad area of my research interests, and I concentrate on invertebrates of the meiofauna—that is, small animals living in the interstices of marine sediments, especially the more primitive worms such as acoels and other turbellarians, gnathostomulids, and gastrotrichs. I apply electron microscopy and laser scanning microscopy to these animals, comparing their anatomies in search of clues to phylogenetic relationships among major taxa and clues to the functional morphology of their microorgans. A recent major project centers on phylogenetic relationships of three groups of lower worms: Acoela, Catenulida, and Gnathostomulida. The acoels and gnathostomulids have both served in some theories of animal evolution as the most primitive of the bilaterally symmetrical metazoans (all animals outside of cnidarians and sponges). Through collaboration with Dr. Matt Hooge (UMaine) and Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer (Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo) we have sampled these taxa worldwide and applied information from our detailed morphological studies to hypotheses of phylogenetic relationships that we and other collaborators have generated from DNA-sequence data. The correlations contribute to understanding how key characteristics of these worms evolved and how the animals are related to each other and to the rest of the animal phyla. From such understandings come better means for classifying the animals in formal taxonomy.

As a member of a team of programmers developing a learning-management system, I engage in a form of pedagogical research about how best to apply multimedia in teaching, how to meet a diversity of learning styles among students, and how to gauge progress in achieving learning objectives.


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