Mark Neary

Contact Information

Phone: 207.266.0474


Lab website: Link to Physical Oceanography Lab Website

Advisor:   Dr. Neal Pettigrew

5771 Mackay Lab Rm 106
University of Maine
Orono, ME  04469


M.S. University of Maine, 2016, Oceanography
B.Sc. University College Dublin 1997, Physics and Computer Science


I work at the UMaine Physical Oceanography Group.  I am interested in coastal oceanography, biological and physical interactions and complex behaviour and interactions in oceanographic systems.  I’m also very interested in how we gather data from the Ocean.  For such a vast environment we really have only very small sets of data.  I’m interested how we can use new technologies, including autonomous surface and underwater vehicles to gather new types of data from the Ocean, at scales and resolutions that have previously been impossible or prohibitively expensive.

I am currently working on understanding the flow of slope water through the Northeast Channel and the fate of that slope water once it enters the Gulf of Maine.