Bryce Risley

Education:  Seeking dual MS Marine Policy, Marine Biology

BS Geography and Environmental Studies – University of New Mexico (2014)

 Advisor:  Dr. Aaron Strong (adjunct), Nishad Jayasundara, Joshua Stoll

Email Address:

Location:  209 Libby Hall

Research:    Bryce’s research focuses on the adaptation strategies of stakeholders throughout the marine aquarium trade supply chain. His field sites include key sending (Sri Lanka) and receiving (United States) destinations within the marine ornamental market. His studies seek to understand key threats and challenges that might imperil marine ornamental fisheries, potentially jeopardizing sections of the global supply chain. Additionally, Bryce has designed and constructed a marine ornamental aquaculture laboratory for his research on the biological aspects of coral reef associated species which are important in the marine aquarium market. In this lab, he manages a collective of undergraduates who are essential in maintaining the laboratory and assisting him with is work. He is presently developing a live feed study looking at variable culture and feeding methods of algae and rotifers for marine ornamental larvae. To learn more about this work visit Instagram:The_Risley_Lab

Theoretical and practical themes in Bryce’s work include: Sustainability, aquaculture, coral reef ecology, political ecology, geography, livelihoods and human dimensions, adaptation, physiology, supply chain infrastructure, ethnography, fishery management, phenomenology, storytelling.

Bryce and his team of undergrads from left to right: Abby Bernier, Sophia Fitz, Bryce Risley, Dylan Lucero, Brittany Torchia, Anika Bartie