Shuling Chen

Education:Picture of Shuling Chen on a bicycle near a river.Candidate for M.S., Marine Policy
Bachelor of Sciences in Marine Biology, Ocean University of China, 2016

Advisor:  Dr. Keith Evans

Email Address:

Phone:  207.889.2597

Location:   215 Libby Hall, Orono, Maine

Previously as an undergraduate in Marine Biology, I was always surprised by how human beings, as a part of the ecosystem, see themselves (as the dominator) and interact with other ecosystem sectors. My internship experiences in China’s first sustainable fishery NGO—ChinaBlue reminded me further how social aspects of the fishery might affect the industry. Now, transferring to Marine Policy major, I am able to learn to manage coastal ecosystems from humane and sustainable perspectives.

My current research is about measuring the impact of temporary pollution closures on Maine’s third largest fishery—soft-shell clam (Mya arenaria). To protect human health, pollution abatement closures are issued. This, however, may result in substantial economic loss and cause unemployment to fishermen and coastal communities. I will analyze economic loss and study fishermen responses with considerations to the changing environment. Ultimately, we will offer policy advice on how to alleviate the negative impact of pollution closures and how can management promote the sustainable soft-shell clam fishery.

This exciting research topic allows me to cooperate with experts from diverse disciplines such as anthropology, ecology, economy etc. I am definitely looking forward to promoting the sustainable fishery in Maine with my experience.