Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Maine Bound Adventure Center

At Maine Bound Adventure Center, we celebrate human differences and are dedicated to providing inclusive spaces and programs that are accessible to all. Any expression of bigotry, hatred, prejudice, or disrespect is inconsistent with the ideals of preserving equity, diversity, and inclusion, and contradicts the values promoted by the University of Maine and our staff.

UMaine’s Commitment 

The University of Maine is committed to creating and sustaining a welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. That environment, critical to the vigorous discovery/learning processes that define a university, also depends on diversity–diversity of ideas, cultures, experiences, and backgrounds. The challenge, for all of us, is to seek out diversity, which is the lifeblood of a healthy intellectual environment, and to recruit and retain people who are traditionally underrepresented on our campus. An inclusive environment is essential. Click here for details.

Inclusive Facilities at Campus Recreation and Maine Bound

  • ADA accessible lockers
  • ADA Accessible stalls in restrooms 
  • ADA accessible showers 
  • Single stall bathroom locations 
  • Gain entry into our pool with a waterproof wheelchair and inclined entry provided by Campus Recreation 

Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Maine Bound


  • Coming Out Climb

  • Women’s Climb

    • To celebrate Women’s History Month (March), this climbing session welcomes gender diverse identities and their allies.
  • Pride Climb 

    • To celebrate Pride Week, this climbing session welcomes the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.
  • Women’s Setting Clinic

    • A setting clinic for folks who are female identifying, gender diverse, and their allies. Participants will learn the basics of route setting and gain the skills needed to feel confident joining our regular Tuesday night setting sessions.
  • No Man’s Land Film Festival, More Info: http://nomanslandfilmfestival.org/

Maine Bound Trips/Programs 

  • BBOLD – Black Bear Outdoor Leadership Diversified

    • Maine Bound Adventure Center and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion collaborate to develop Outdoor Leadership Diversified, a two-day full scholarship retreat for Students of Color. 

      The curriculum focuses on leadership development through the lens of outdoor education. Students are introduced to recreation opportunities on campus and outdoor leadership opportunities at the University of Maine.

  • Developing Socially Just Communities

    • A Black Bear Bound Program. More Info here!
  • Adaptive Climbing with AOEC

Maine Bound Speaking Engagements 

  • Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series Grant Receivers

    • Perry Cohen on Being Queer and Trans in the Outdoors: A Journey Up His Personal Mountain

    • Abby Rowe on How to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive by Developing a Culture of Outdoor Recreation Within The LGBTQ+ Community

    • Alejandro Strong on Diversifying Whitewater Paddling

Maine Bound Scholarships