The Office for Diversity and Inclusion offers a robust array of training programs for your staff, team, or organization. Contact information for each offering is listed below, and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests!

Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (1.5 hours): 

Participants will explore the definitions of diversity, equity and inclusion. We will spend time analyzing 10 social identities and wrestle with the privilege and the oppression within each of these identities. This training is offered by request. To request, please email

Transforming Self for Racial Equity (2.5 hours):

Participants are led in guided discussions to help understand race and their own race. We will analyze race as it pertains to systems of privilege and racism. The facilitator hopes to create a space to help participants develop skills that help us engage in conversations around race. We will explore implicit bias, microaggressions and its impacts on our communities. This training is offered by request. To request, please email

Self-Guided Foundational Safe Zone Training (Self-Paced)

In the past, we have offered guided, staff-facilitated Safe Zone training sessions designed to introduce members of our community to the language of gender, sexuality, and to provide a baseline education for folks who wish to better support LGBTQ+ folks in our community.

In alignment with our commitment to innovation in education, we are excited to share that you may now access a fully self-guided Safe Zone training at any time, from any device, thanks to The Safe Zone Project. This self-guided model provides most of the same activities as our previous instructor-led version, but with the flexibility and versatility to fit into any schedule or timeframe. The self-guided training can be completed in one sitting or started and stopped at your convenience.

To access the self-guided training, navigate to the Safe Zone Project website and create an account to get started!

ALLY 101: Beyond the Safe Zone (1.5 hours)

For folks with an interest in taking a step beyond the Safe Zone training and learning how to be an active, vocal ally to LGBTQ+ folks and other marginalized communities, we’re excited to offer ALLY 101, a facilitated conversation designed to help provide a framework for understanding allyship, identifying opportunities and obstacles to allyship, and offering space to discuss specific ways in which we can act as allies within our own community.

Participation in ALLY 101 should be by choice ONLY, and we ask that groups requesting that their members attend an ALLY 101 session not make it mandatory. We do not want folks to attend if they are not 100% committed to active allyship and prepared to do the work. Participants should also have completed the self-guided Foundational Safe Zone training prior to attending ALLY 101, as we will assume a level of comfort and familiarity with basic terminology of gender and sexuality.

ALLY 101 sessions will be offered once per month and are open to all members of the campus and local communities. Again, please ensure that you have completed the base Safe Zone training prior to registering for an ALLY 101 session.

Please RSVP via this form if you are interested in attending one of the open session trainings below.

Fall 2021 ALLY 101 Training Schedule

If you have any questions about the Foundational Safe Zone training or ALLY 101, please contact Rob Jackson at