Shawn Fraver


🌡 Climate change, 🕸Ecology, 🌲 Forests, 🏞 Land and natural resource use

Fraver’s research explores the ecology of both natural and managed forests. Much of his work relies on dendrochronology (tree-ring) methods to assess tree growth and forest productivity through time. His projects investigate: – Old-growth forest structure and dynamics – Forest carbon dynamics – Woody debris dynamics, biodiversity, and biometrics – Climate–growth relationships of trees – Tree-tree competition in natural forests – Impacts of salvage logging. Visit Fraver’s biography to learn more.

Appointment details

Fraver’s work is supported by:

  • School of Forest Resources at the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station

Experiment Station contributions

  • Current project: Long-term Forest Dynamics of Maine’s Acadian Forest ecosystem in the Context of Climate Change. McIntire-Stennis project number ME042118.

    A bubble graph demonstrating a 75% research and 25% teaching appointment split.
    Fraver balances time between teaching (25%) courses about forest ecology, forest ecosystem science, and dendrochronology, and research (75%) on old-growth forest structure and dynamics, forest carbon dynamics, woody debris, climate-growth relationships of forest trees, impacts of logging, competition between trees in natural forests.