Mehdi Tajvidi


🪵 Bioproducts, 🌲 Forests, 🏞 Land and natural resource use,

Tajvidi studies the production, characterization and performance of renewable nanomaterials and their composites. He is particularly interested in mechanical properties of nano-materials and nanocomposites, structure-property relationships, viscoelastic behavior, dynamic mechanical analysis and magnetic cellulose nanocomposites. Tajvidi’s core research area focuses on the utilization of cellulose nanomaterials in high volume applications such as coatings, packaging and building products. His current work includes developing PFAS-free food containers from nanocellulose. Visit Tajvidi’s biography to learn more.

A bubble graph demonstrating a 75% research and 25% teaching appointment split.
Tajvidi balances time between teaching (25%) courses about forest bioproducts and bioenergy, biocomposite materials, cellulose nanomaterials and their composites, and research (75%) on the applications of cellulose nanofibrils.

Appointment details

Tajvidi’s work is supported by:

  • School of Forest Resources at the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Advanced Structures & Composites Center
  • Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station

Experiment Station contributions

  • Current project: Expanding the application of cellulose nanomaterials into nonconventional markets. McIntire-Stennis project number ME042120.