Andrew Reeve


🌐Data science, 🏞 Land and natural resource use, 💧Water quality

Dr. Reeve teaches and conducts research on groundwater hydrology and water chemistry. His current research activities focus in the interaction between surface water and groundwater, including studying the role of hydrology in wetlands and carbon dynamics in peatlands. In all these activities, Reeve uses computer modeling and the Python scripting language to integrate and interpret field data.  Visit Reeve’s biography to learn more.

A bubble chart demonstrating a 50% research 50% teaching appointment split.
Reeve balances time between teaching (50%) courses about Environmental Geology, Hydrology, Python Scripting for Data Analysis, and Groundwater Modeling, and research (50%) on the influence of ground-water flow and solute transport in peatland and other wetland systems, carbon cycling in peatland systems, and python scripting for simulation and data analysis.

Appointment details

Reeve’s work is supported by:

  • School of Earth and Climate Sciences at the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station

Experiment Station contributions

  • Current project: Measuring and Simulating the Role of Groundwater in Maine’s Aquatic Ecosystems. Hatch project number ME022208.