Large volume applications of cellulose nanomaterials

Maine is traditionally forest products industry oriented. One way to keep the tradition going is to develop new forest products that can be commercialized and compensate for the declining sectors such as paper industry. With more and more mills closing or re-purposed, the public is anxious to learn if the forest industry is still viable. Findings of the proposed research will therefore be of utmost importance to Maine and its people. Forest products industry of Maine (and other parts of the country) is the specific target of this research. New applications for the pulp that is already being produced from Maine forests will open new windows to opportunities to compete in a highly competitive era. The proposed new products will attract considerable attention by the public and the science developed will be of importance to the scientific community. This will be also be of considerable importance for the University of Maine to continue to be a leader in research on nanocellulose and its composites and to attract extramural funding, which will in turn benefit the state of Maine and its people.

Investigator: Tajvidi, M.           

Unit: School of Forest Resources

Termination Date: 30-Sep-20