Community Science Update

This spring, as part of an ongoing community science project in collaboration with the Damariscotta-Newcastle Joint Shellfish Committee, we are hosting a series of focus group discussions to discuss values and visions for the future of the Damariscotta River.

We will dig into questions like, “What do you value about the river?” or “How do you think how people use and think about the river may change in the future?” The information we gather will be summarized for the Shellfish Committee and others who are interested, and may be used to support planning for a more resilient and sustainable future for the Damariscotta River and the people who value it and depend on it.

This research is supported by the US Department of Commerce, through the NOAA Saltonstall-Kennedy Program (Grant NA22NMF4270122, “Community Science to Support Sustainable and Local Seafood Production in Maine”). More information about this project is available here.

If you are interested in participating or know of someone else who may be, please call Sarah Risley at 207-558-3195.