Science to Action ocean publications released

Conservation International just released 3 major publications on a solution to the global ocean crisis. Produced by the Science-to-Action partnership, which includes more than 75 organizations led by Conservation International’s Marine Management Area Science Program, the publications are based on 5 years of natural and social science research in over 70 marine managed areas in 23 countries.

Drawing on the results of more than 50 studies, the Science-to-Action partnership offers recommendations for successful implementation of marine managed areas (MMAs) to maximize the benefits to people and nature. The findings and recommendations are presented in 3 reader-friendly, richly illustrated booklets:

  • People and Oceans explores the role of people in marine managed areas, including the human well-being benefits and challenges of MMAs, and how socioeconomic conditions affect success.
  • Living with the Sea examines the role of MMAs in restoring and sustaining healthy oceans, particularly the importance of local management efforts.

These and other publications may be downloaded at