Tim Frawley headshot

Fishers’ resilence to climate impacts

Tim Frawley, Heather Leslie and other members of the MAREA+ team just published a new paper in Global Environmental Change. The study was funded by the National Science Foundation (Award BCS-2009821) and based on more than 10 years of fisheries data collected by fishermen and curated by the Mexican government. Learn more about the study here. 

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Communicating across disciplines

Leslie Lab members and other UMaine researchers from a range of disciplines — including anthropology, ecology and environmental science, genetics, journalism, marine science and Native American studies — collaborated on a study recently published in the journal Frontiers in Communication. The researchers looked at communication among partners from different disciplines in developing science for coastal resilience […]

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Sarah presents community shellfish project

Graduate student Sarah Risley presented the State of the Damariscotta River Estuary report to the Damariscotta Board of Selectmen on Wednesday evening, November 3, 2021. You can watch the video recording of the presentation on the Town’s YouTube channel named, “Town of Damariscotta, Maine.” You can access the Damariscotta report here. Later in November, Sarah […]

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Melissa in the field

New research on aquaculture

Congratulations to Melissa on the publication of her Masters thesis research in Marine Policy! New aquaculture research highlights areas of consensus, disagreement

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Damariscotta StoryMap launched

Melissa Britsch and Heather Leslie have launched a StoryMap focused on research in the Damariscotta River Estuary. They highlight the roles diverse researchers and research stations have played in generating knowledge about the estuary, and marine ecosystems more generally. We expect this collection will be of interest to scientists and community members alike, and help […]

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Connecting co-management and ecosystem-based fisheries management

Leslie Lab lab alumna Marina Cucuzza, together with her co-advisors Heather Leslie and Joshua Stoll, just published a paper in Marine Policy on the conceptual connections between ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) and fisheries co-management. While EBFM and fisheries co-management are not new ideas, growing interest in both compels reflection on the interplay of these concepts, even though they […]

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Loreto Bay National Park

Study highlights diverse benefits of fisheries

Dr. Kara Pellowe, a former graduate student and postdoc in the Leslie Lab, just published her fourth and final dissertation chapter in Ambio. Kara conducted this newly published work in communities adjacent to Loreto Bay National Park, shown in the image above. She is now a postdoc at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Congratulations, Kara! We are […]

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NSF, Mainebiz feature paper about the value of bringing local norms and knowledge into fisheries regulations

Mainebiz interviewed Kara Pellowe, a former University of Maine postdoctoral student, about the value of integrating local norms and fishermen’s knowledge into fisheries regulations. Pellowe, now based at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Stockholm, Sweden, co-authored a study with Heather Leslie, director of the Darling Marine Center in Walpole, Maine, exploring the interplay between formal and […]

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