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Device Connection

University Wi-Fi

For technical support call the University Technology Support Center

The University of Maine System provides Wi-Fi under the following names:

eduroam Encrypted Wireless with Federated Authentication
Best for Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones
tempest Legacy open wireless
Best for devices that do not support eduroam
Such as video game consoles
MaineEDU-Guest Guest Wireless Access
For users without a University User ID
Limited Bandwidth and Restricted to Specific Applications


For wired connections, you will need an Ethernet cable. Check with IT on the best place to get one. Plug one end of the cable into the device, and the other into a data jack (normally colored Blue).

Telecom Work Request

Please contact the UMaine Service Desk with telecommunications work requests.

Please have the following required information when reaching out:

  • Department account code information for billing
  • Networking wall jack number for the Service Request or problem
  • Description of Service Request or problem
  • The exact location of Service Request or problem

Wired Device Registration

For Laptop and Desktop Computers

  • Open your favorite web browser.
  • Your browser should redirect to the Network Host Registration page automatically.
  • Log in with your UMS Account and follow any instructions.
  • If the Network Host Registration page does not appear, please contact the Support Center at 581-2506.

For “Smart” Devices (Game Consoles, SmartTv’s, etc)
Visit and follow the instructions there.

Restart your Device After Registering!

Printer Setup

Remote Assistance

Only if you are working with the US:IT Support Center and need to allow them to remotely control your system use our University of Maine branded Teamviewer installer below.

Get Teamviewer