macOS Monterey – Now Available

ATTENTION: macOS – Monterey Information

UMS IT has now made available macOS Monterey for managed devices to self-upgrade via Apple Software Updates or the Apple AppStore. Unmanaged devices are also encouraged to self-upgrade to macOS Monterey if their device is on an unsupported version of macOS. Users will have the option to install and upgrade their Apple Mac device to the latest operating system before it becomes fully recommended in the Spring. 

When are Mac Operating Systems no longer supported? 

Apple only provides updates and security patches for the three most recent versions of its operating system. With the release of Monterey, Apple no longer supports updates and security patches to Operating Systems prior to Catalina (10.15).  

Considerations when purchasing a new Mac

Please be aware that new Mac’s may arrive with the Monterey OS (12.0). If your new Mac arrives with Monterey it cannot be downgraded to a prior OS release as Apple does not provide any means to accomplish an OS downgrade. Please contact the IT Help Desk ( or 207.581.2506) if you encounter any issues.