macOS – Pegasus Spyware

Apple has released an emergency security update to address a vulnerability in which spyware could be installed on an iPhone or other Apple device without having to click on a malicious link. Once installed, the spyware can then eavesdrop on or steal data from the device. All of Apple’s operating systems, including those for iPads, Macs and Apple Watches, are vulnerable. 

What this means if you are using an Apple device

On September 15, UMS IT will push an Apple security update to all University-owned and managed devices that are on macOS version 10.15 and higher as well as iOS 14 devices.  

We strongly advise users of unmanaged Apple devices to also immediately update their devices. For instructions on how to update your device and more information on the release, visit the Apple Security Updates page:

For more information about the vulnerability and security update visit: