Information Security Reminders

Phishing emails continue to plague our University community by attempting to deceive individuals. The most popular version tries to get you to divulge your password with such ruses as “Unable to display this email,” and “Click here to view this message,” or “Log in for the secure email,” or notices that your account requires urgent attention. Another phishing method tries to get you to open an attachment so that malware can be downloaded on your computer.

A recent phishing scam targets university students by proposing job opportunities. Such offers allow the student to work from home by performing administrative tasks. After a student has been working various tasks and been paid nominal amounts, the “employer” asks the student to transfer funds to a client. The action is described as urgent, so the student is told that they will be reimbursed for using their own funds. Once the wire-transfer is complete, the “employer” disappears with the money.

If you receive messages like these or suspect an email is phishing, please report it to

Information Security Office Contact Information:
Phone 207.581.9105
Hours: 8AM-5PM Monday – Friday