UMaine MyCampus Portal – “Announcements and Alerts” and “All Community Boards”

The new UMaine MyCampus Portal “Announcements & Alerts” and “All Community Boards” that replace FirstClass announcement and community boards are open for business! Links to the new Portal boards are located just above the right column on the Portal homepage:

You can access the list of all currently active portal community boards via the “Other Community Boards” link adjacent to “Announcements and Alerts.” The list of Portal community boards includes the following:

  • Commencement Ticket Swap
  • Community Events
  • Job Board
  • Lost and Found
  • Virtual Yard Sale

The new UMaine Portal boards introduce features not available in FirstClass. For example, when you post an announcement to a board you can subscribe to your post and receive email notifications when others reply to it. As with FirstClass, you can attach images and files to all posts. A User’s Guide for the new UMaine boards can be found here (portal login required).