Box Update

Box is a collaborative cloud-based storage system that was made available to all UMS employees and students in January 2017. Box works with virtually every internet-connected computer or device. In addition, it allows for collaboration on Microsoft Office documents directly from a browser, tracks file revisions, and version history, and with “department folders”, preserves files when individuals leave the University.

How Do I Get to Box?
You can reach Box from the UMaine MyCampus portal launchpad.  

How Do I Get Started With Box?
Once you login to Box, you will see a “Get Started with Box Here!” folder containing all sorts of helpful tutorials, video training, tips & tricks, etc.

How Do I Get Help with Box?  
There are multiple ways to get support, you can contact the IT Support Services Help Desk at 800.686.4357, or at For online help visit UMS Box Help.

Can I Put All of My Files in Box?
Some “compliant” data is not allowed in Box. For example, data covered by HIPAA (Health provider data) is not allowed, and data covered by Export Control regulations are unlikely to be allowed in Box.  However, student records (FERPA) and Maine Data Act (MDA) covered data may be stored in a special “compliant data” folders. For more information, visit our FAQ on Compliant Data in Box.

Do I have to Use Box?
You are not required to use Box, although you may find colleagues sharing files with you through Box. In the future, as the University retires old “file servers”, users of such servers will need to migrate off them. Box or Google Drive are both good file storage solutions. Check out the Box and Google Drive Features list for more information.