The University of Maine Foster Center for Student Innovation helps students and community members develop a mindset and skill set for creating, testing, and achieving ideas.

The center plays four key roles: offers free business coaching to anyone with a business idea, runs a student business incubator, offers academic courses in Innovation Engineering, and manages the Innovate for Maine Fellows Program, a statewide college internship program focused on innovation.

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Maine business facing uncertainty? We're here for you.

If your business is facing challenges related to coronavirus, we are standing by to help. Our staff is experienced at coaching businesses through transition, and can offer advice on areas ranging from managing cashflow and workforce during uncertain times to pivoting to find new sources of revenue or adapting services.

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These services are free and available to any member of the Maine business community.

Looking for an internship?

The Innovate for Maine Fellows program connects the best and brightest Maine college students with Maine’s most exciting, growing companies as a way to grow and create jobs across the state of Maine through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Actively recruiting for the spring cohort of I-Corps

I-Corps helps foster innovation and entrepreneurship by providing faculty, staff and students with the tools and guidance needed to identify the market opportunity for their STEM-based research.

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