Why become an Innovate for Maine Company?

Innovate for Maine has a simple mission: to help Maine companies thrive through innovation and to open students’ eyes to rewarding career opportunities in the state of Maine.

The numeral 1 inside of a blue circle with the word 'talent' to the right of the circleInnovate for Maine recruits students passionate about innovation and gives them the skills necessary to succeed. You can count on a fellow who will be committed to your success and capable of strong work to support your goals. With fresh ideas and cutting-edge tech skills, fellows bring new perspectives that can help companies accelerate projects and growth. UMaine’s innovation experts guide and mentor both the student and the company to promote success.

The numeral 2 inside of a blue circle with the word 'convenience' to the right of the circleAll aspects of fellowship administration from recruitment and screening to training, placement and payment, are handled by the University of Maine. Fellows are employees of the University of Maine and will report regularly to a UMaine supervisor in addition to the company contact. Companies hosting fellows also have regular check-ins with a dedicated contact at UMaine. While Innovate for Maine supports businesses of all sizes, this administrative support can be especially helpful for early-stage startups and small businesses that may not have dedicated HR staff. A flat fee for the program covers the fellow’s salary and all administrative costs, and subsidies are available for companies with fewer than 12 employees. Fellows are available for full-time (400-hour), part-time (200-hour) or project-based (less than 100-hour) placements.  

The numeral 3 inside of a blue circle with the words 'workforce development' to the right of the circleYou chose to build your business in Maine and you know better than anyone how important it is to build Maine’s workforce for the future. Many companies have gone on to hire their fellows after the program. More broadly, Innovate for Maine shapes the employees and entrepreneurs who will help Maine grow and thrive in the years to come. 

Key details

Company eligibility

Typically, we work with private-sector companies or non-profits that would provide the opportunity for students to directly engage with innovating companies. If you’re not certain your company qualifies, we encourage you to reach out to us before completing the application – contact program coordinator Emma Wilson with questions.


Innovate for Maine fee structure

If your company doesn’t qualify for no-cost assistance (check eligibility) Innovate for Maine fees are as follows:

  • Summer Full-Time (up to 400 hours), $8,700
  • Summer Part-Time (up to 200 hours), $5,000
  • Summer Project-Based (up to 100 hours), $2,500

Learn more on our FAQ page.

What fellows can do

Innovate for Maine Fellows have the ability to:

  • Conduct market research and customer interviews or surveys
  • Generate ideas to solve problems and improve processes
  • Write marketing messages and develop new channels to communicate with customers
  • Run “fail fast, fail cheap” experiments to determine innovation feasibility
  • Leverage technical skills to design and build prototypes

Learn more on our FAQ page.


Placement options

Student fellows can work full time (a 400-hour placement), part time (a 200-hour placement), or on a project basis (a 100-hour placement). When they finish working will depend on the type of placement and the fellow’s schedule. Most fellows working a full-time schedule with 40-hour weeks will complete their internship during the first or second week of August. All internships must be completed by the end of August. 

Learn more on our FAQ page.