The Innovate for Maine Matching Process

Our aim is to provide both fellows and companies with the best internship experience possible. We work with a diverse range of companies, and we seek fellows from a diverse range of backgrounds. This diversity allows us to make strong matches that serve both groups.  

The matching process works as follows:


1. Committee Review of Applications (Mid-March)

A committee of individuals who are active in statewide innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives thoroughly reviews the materials submitted by each applicant. The committee will select prospective participants from the applicant pool based on individual characteristics and alignment with overall program goals. For students, we look for an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship and a desire to make a difference.

We review applications from companies interested in hosting a fellow to ensure prospective projects are innovative and would provide meaningful work for an intern. Typically, we work with private-sector companies or non-profits that would provide the opportunity for students to directly engage with innovating companies.


2. Company/Project Selection (Mid-March)

Once the application deadline has passed, student applicants will receive a list of vetted companies and projects. They will then have the opportunity to review the list and select the top companies and projects they would want to work on.


3. Initial Matching (Mid-Late March)

Once applications are reviewed, the Innovate for Maine team at UMaine will consider each potential fellow’s company/project selections, skills, strengths, location, and interests alongside the host company’s internship project descriptions. We then match prospective fellows with prospective host companies.


4. Companies Review Potential Matches (Early April)

Our goal is to provide each company with multiple potential student matches. Once companies receive their list of potential matches, they review the applicant information, provide us feedback on each student, and rank their matches in order of preference. Companies will be given 4-5 business days to review matches. 


5. Finalize Matches (Mid-April)

Lastly, the team at the University of Maine will finalize matches for each internship opportunity, taking both company preferences and student interests into account. Students will be notified of and asked to accept their proposed placements before the match is confirmed and companies are informed.