Example Projects

Are you a company that is considering applying for a fellow and trying to gauge if your project is a good fit? 

Innovate for Maine fellows are driven by a deep desire to learn and drive positive change. By combining their course experience with tools pulled from Innovation Engineering, our students approach their projects with tenacity, creativity, and curiosity

Students in our program are prepared to tackle assignments that include:

Market Research

  • Surveying customers for feedback about their experience with a product or service, their likes and dislikes, and suggestions for improvement


  • Collecting and analyzing data on competitors in the market including their products, marketing strategies, and pricing models


  • Testing products to evaluate their performance, usability, and functionality

Data Analytics

  • Visualizing data through graphs, charts, and interactive dashboards


  • Analyzing past sales data to predict future sales trends to make informed business decisions


  • Analyzing consumer data by grouping customers according to demographics, purchase history, and behavior patters to better understand their needs

Web Development & Design

  • Developing web-based software applications


  • Creating online payment platforms, including designing the user interface and developing the functionality


  • Developing an internal company network that allows employees to track data and share information

Marketing, Graphic Design, and Content Creation

  • Optimizing a company’s SEO by researching keywords, creating ideal web content, and building links, all while measuring SEO performance.


  • Filming & editing short videos for websites and social media platforms


  • Creating engaging visual content such as infographics, social media posts, and ads

Copywriting and Editing

  • Drafting product descriptions, blog posts, and email marketing campaigns


  • Compiling a white paper which provides an in-depth analysis of a specific topic, including research, statistics, and real-world examples


  • Designing and developing prototypes 


  • Designing and testing process improvements