Ease into academic courses part-time, with support and confidence with the Maine Bridge Program

The Maine Bridge program is for students who have received conditional admission to the University of Maine, but whose English language scores are below 550 (ITP), 79 (IBT), or 6.5 (IELTS) necessary for full-time enrollment. The Maine Bridge Program is operated by the University of Maine Intensive English Institute. It is available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

By the time you’re ready to begin full-time academic study, you’ll be ready to jump right in! The Maine Bridge Program allows you to:

• earn academic credit towards your degree while improving your English language skills in a safe and nurturing environment

• work closely with your own Maine Bridge Advisor to plan the course of your study and class schedule

• be a part of the diverse and active UMaine community

• have access to UMaine resources, facilities, library, labs, and more

• be a part of the fun and friendly IEI community; go on trips, join holiday celebrations and more!

How to Apply to the Maine Bridge Program

Students who wish to directly join the Maine Bridge Program must apply to either an undergraduate or graduate program at the University of Maine. Qualified applicants who do not meet the language requirements of their program are then given conditional admission to the University of Maine and their applications are automatically forwarded to our Maine Bridge Program coordinator who will then evaluate the student’s placement in the Maine Bridge Program.

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IEI Bridge Scholarship

International undergraduate students enrolled in a bachelor program at UMaine and admitted to the Bridge program of the Intensive English Institute are eligible for this international scholarship valued up to US$4,000 per academic year.

Learn more about the Maine Bridge Scholarship

Visit the full list of scholarships offered by the Office of International Programs and the University of Maine

Sample Undergraduate Program Progression

Your placement into the Maine Bridge Program will be dependent on your TOEFL (or equivalent) test scores. See the chart below for an example of program progression. Regardless of entry point, you will begin earning academic credit towards your undergraduate or graduate degree program while you work on your language skills.

This chart does not guarantee entrance in said time period

Sample Graduate Program Progression

This chart does not guarantee entrance to degree program in said time period

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m eligible?

To be considered for the UMaine Bridge program, you must meet ALL academic requirements for your degree program, but you’re just in need of your required TOEFL score. This is why you have been conditionally admitted. To be considered, simply apply to your degree program.

What if I’ve already applied?

If you have already received academic admission to the University of Maine and you have not yet met your English language requirements, you are automatically enrolled in the UMaine Bridge Program and will receive an I-20 issued by the University of Maine and more information in your Acceptance Package. Upon arrival you will be evaluated at the Intensive English Institute and be placed into an appropriate Focal Skills Module

What if I’m a graduate student?

Visit our UMaine PreMasters Bridge Program page.