Core Intensive English Program

Program Description

If you’re ready to study English in the United States, the Intensive English Institute is for you! The IEI in Orono, Maine offers a unique intensive English program. This program is offered in two 8-week fall sessions, two 8-week spring sessions, and two 4-week summer sessions. 

English language instruction is divided into four skill-focused modules, designed to develop student’s fluency and communicative skills in English. Classes also provide cultural awareness training to prepare English language learners to function comfortably in the United States. Our teachers use innovative methods and communicative activities based on a Focal Skills Program design.


Full-time students attend skill-focused classes 20 hours over 4 days per week. During non-class hours, our students select from additional personal and group language learning experiences–including conversation partners, chaperoned trips or campus activities, and individual or small-group self-study, providing them with an immersive and well-rounded cultural and academic experience. 

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Focal Skill Assessment

The core intensive program uses Focal Skills assessments to place students into one of the four sequenced modules: the Listening Module, Reading Module, Writing Module, or Immersion Module. Every eight weeks students are tested again to see if they are ready to change their skill focus. This enables students to focus solely on their individual needs, while also providing them with the necessary support and opportunity to progress at their own pace. 

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Focal Skills

Listening Module
Students work to improve their listening comprehension and build their vocabulary. Teachers use movies, stories, pantomime, songs, poems, picture books and everyday objects.

Reading Module
Students read carefully selected books, short stories, news articles, advertisements and other real world materials to improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.

Writing Module
Students practice many types of personal and academic writing to improve their expression, fluency, and accuracy.

Immersion Module
Students develop formal speaking skills as they further advance their ability to listen, read and write English in academic and professional contexts. Topics are based on student interest and need.

Contract Courses

The IEI specializes in contract programs for institutions, businesses, and other groups. Courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of the group in terms of content and length of session. Some examples include: 

Foreign Government Sponsored Programs:

  • Brazilian Science Mobility Program
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Scholarship Program

Credit Programs for Foreign Universities:

  • Hirosaki University Shourt Course in Language and Culture