Dan Regan


Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering, Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, University of Maine

Miami University 2017, B.S. Engineering, Concentration in Bioprocess Engineering

Research Projects: 

Liquid-Infused Surface Manipulation, Fundamentals of Immobilized Liquid Layers, Liquid-Gated Membranes


Bio:  Under Dr. Howell’s mentoring, I’ve focused on the issues faced by the modern warfighter and how liquid-infused surfaces can address some of these burdens. One of my first projects was publishing a mini-review that dove into the material science of how liquid-infused surfaces are fabricated to control and manipulate droplets in a variety of applications. Our next project took aim at finding a low-cost solution to handling bacterial samples in the field, as it is an issue that pertains to both the civilian and military medical communities. Turning to Maine’s specialty in paper and our lab’s expertise in liquid-infused surfaces, we sought to combine build a paper-based platform that could localize and concentrate bacterial samples. Our work on fabricating 3D liquid-infused surfaces to control bacterial samples was featured in Biointerphases this August. My current research continues to apply the antifouling properties of liquid-infused surfaces to explore new applications for continuous pathogen biosurveillance and biological sample manipulation.