Liquid-Infused Surface Manipulation of Biological Samples

Operating in austere and resource-limited settings present unique challenges for handling biological samples. Low-cost solutions to preparing biological samples for detection and analysis have been at the forefront of funding agencies for the past decade. Our lab leverages the antifouling nature of liquid-infused surfaces with inexpensive paper-based systems to manipulate biological samples.

Group Members On This Project: Dan Regan, Liza White, Danika Evangelista

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Biointerphases Featured Publication: Regan D, Lilly C, Weigang A, White L, LeClair E, Collins A, Howell C (2019) Combining the geometry of folded paper with liquid-infused polymer surfaces to concentrate and localize bacterial solutions. Biointerphases, 14, 041005. 

Press Release on our work by Global Biodefense

Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science Review: Regan D, Howell C.* (2019) Droplet manipulation with bioinspired liquid-infused surfaces: a review of recent progress and potential for integrated detection. Invited review in Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 39, 137-147.