Welcome to the University of Maine History Department!

History is always changing. Just as events alter society every day, historians’ interpretations of the past are constantly evolving. History is a rich, multi-layered discipline that examines war and peace, gender and class, culture, globalization, minorities and majorities, rulers and the ruled, people and events of all kinds, and the fascinating places where events unfolded.

Methods for studying history also continuously evolve. Our faculty includes experts in archival research, oral history, literary analysis, and methods for analyzing maps, photographs, film, television, even comic books.

Our daily lives are linked to everything that came before us. History courses will help you see those connections and make sense of the world. Studying history is one of the best ways to understand why change happens, how cultures shift, what causes wars, how economic relations shape places large and small, and how the environment, culture, and economy are intimately connected.

The History Department offers courses in U.S., Canadian, European, Asian, and global history. Our faculty specialize in many branches of the discipline. Any of us would love to talk with you about our courses. Feel free to email or stop by our offices!