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Professional Development

The Career Center

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As a current student or alumni of The University of Maine, you have access to the great resources that the Career Center offers, including career exploration, job search tools, enlightening events, and much more. Check out their website for more.

Mug Club

drawing of a mug with words "Mug Club" written insideAs part of the UMaine GRAD initiative with the Graduate School and Graduate Student Government, Mug Club events are open to graduate and undergraduate students and are centered around the GRAD principles. During the academic year, Mug Club events are held every month with first-time participants receiving a mug for use at future events. Participants will collect UMaine GRAD stickers for each event to place on their mug.

UMaine GRAD was designed to provide a framework for graduate students to learn and master the skills necessary for success in personal and professional opportunities while at UMaine and beyond. One of our goals is for our UMaine graduate students to be confident, mindful, attentive, intelligent, and exceptional in all realms of life.

To do this, we created a platform for students to continue to grow, to become resilient, to strive for advancement, and to deliver their ideas and themselves in the most upstanding way.

  • G: Growth – the process of developing
  • R: Resilience – the ability to adapt effectively to adversity or change
  • A: Advancement – the process of promoting and progressing to a higher state
  • D: Delivery – the ability to effectively articulate and present

Fogler Library Resources

Strengthen your skills as a writer and researcher with these useful guides from Fogler Library.