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Moose affected by the tick uprise

David vs. Goliath, The story of Moose and Winter Tick

Moose may be some of the most intriguing animals in the entire world. Moose populations have always been important ecologically and culturally in much of the northern United States (Ellingwood, 2018). In the northern New England states there are currently over 60,000 moose spread throughout the region. Sadly moose populations have not been faring well due to a small but destructive enemy. Ticks. The emergence of these tiny terrors has had terrible impacts on the populations of moose.

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Oil pipeline through a desert

Keystone/XL Pipeline Cancellation

On January 20th, 2020 construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline in the United States stopped in anticipation of President Joe Biden’s plan to revoke the construction permit for the project. This pipeline has been a hot button issue between those looking to curb fossil fuel usage and those wanting to further economic development (PBS). The previous two administrations showcased this division in thought with President Barack Obama rejecting the XL project and President Donald Trump providing the presidential permit for it to be constructed.

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Black History Month Logo

Remembering Environmental Heroes

Black history month is a time for us to remember some of history’s forgotten or neglected figures, many of whom have been neglected simply because of the color of their skin. Black writers, researchers, teachers, heroes, etc. are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve.

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