Sustainable Agriculture student interns at Rodale Institute

Hannah Peters, a junior in the Sustainable Agriculture program, worked at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA this summer as an intern with their Agriculture Supported Communities (ASC) program. ASC is a farm share program whose members receive a seasonal “share” of organic produce each week throughout the season that can be picked up at a local community site. The ASC Internship focuses on hands-on skills necessary to run an actual farm share business. In addition to immersion in the day-to-day physical activities of a vegetable farm, interns receive training in organic growing skills, designing a crop plan, and business planning and marketing. The Rodale Institute was established more than 60 years ago to explore and support organic farming practices. The widely-known Institute supports research on best practices of organic agriculture and shares the findings with farmers and scientists throughout the world, advocates for policies that support farmers, and educates consumers about benefits of organic growing for people and the planet.