Dr. Perry receives 2018 Rising Tide Professor award

Dr. Jennifer Perry, an Assistant Professor of Food Microbiology, was named as a 2018 Rising Tide Professor. Her project was one of two chosen for support.  She will implement a two-year project focused on enhancing diversity and advancing equity at UMaine.  Dr. Perry seeks to promote a climate of acceptance and respect at UMaine by […]

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Diana Davis Spencer Scholar works with Dr. Nayak on food waste project.

Through a generous grant from the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions is providing invaluable support for twelve Diana Davis Spencer Scholars to conduct research on two sustainability projects designed to help develop skills in entrepreneurship, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving. Shayla Kleisinger, a junior in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, works with […]

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Inaugural grant program awards $245,000 to interdisciplinary undergraduate research: projects include Drs. Kamath, Lichtenwalner, and Nayak

Among the projects receiving funding were: “Risk of zoonotic disease from an iconic wildlife reservoir: An interdisciplinary approach” Principal Investigator: Pauline Kamath, School of Food and Agriculture Partners: Sandra De Urioste-Stone, Forest Resources; Anne Lichtenwalner, Food and Agriculture Sector: Wildlife, Human Health “Making Maine’s local food system sustainable: Opportunities to address hunger and reduce waste” […]

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