Chapter 5: Research and Scholarly Activity

Research and Scholarship at UMaine

One of the three missions of the University of Maine is research, and faculty members are expected to conduct research and be involved in scholarly activities. This expectation is reflected in faculty evaluation and promotion procedures. The range of scholarly activities is wide and specific to the discipline; it may include,among others, exhibited artistic creations, book writing and scholarly papers in professional journals. 
Faculty members are encouraged to involve both undergraduate and graduate students in research and scholarship activities. The center for undergraduate research (CUGR, provides research fellowships and organizes a yearly exhibit of undergraduate research at UMaine. Similarly, the Graduate School( provides research assistantships and publishes news regarding research performed by graduate students at UMaine.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) assists faculty and staff in seeking and managing research grants, contracts, and other extramural funding. ORSP serves as applicant, contract negotiator, and signatory authority for the University in such matters, and provides grant accounting services once an award is made. A detailed guide to resources for faculty who are currently, or have an interest in, conducting research detailing the different steps associated with research and award applications and management are provided in this document: 
Research activities at the University of Maine are governed by federal and state regulations, and University policies which have been instituted to ensure scientific integrity, safeguard the welfare of animal and human subjects, and protect the health and safety of faculty and staff, students, and visitors to campus. 
The University of Maine adheres to a strict policy of compliance. All members of the University community are responsible for familiarizing themselves, and complying with all applicable regulations and policies. Failure to do so places not only the University, but also the individual community member at risk for violations which could result in substantial administrative, civil and criminal fines and penalties. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) website ( provides information on key research compliance topics concerning animal and human subjects, hazardous materials,the responsible conduct of research, fiscal accountability, intellectual property, and export control regulations. ORSP also provides online training in compliance and sponsored project management which those engaged in research and/or pursuing extramural funding are strongly encouraged or are required to complete. 
Some research endeavors require specialized equipment (e.g. hazardous materials, lasers) or activities (e.g.diving, human subjects) which are associated with significant risks. Such activities are monitored by UMaine’s Office of Safety and Environmental Management (SEM) and may require specialized training prior to engaging in such research activity. For policies and training requirements, consult the SEM web site (