Amy Sullivan: Outstanding Scholarly-Practitioner in Educational Leadership Ed.D. Student Award

The Outstanding Scholarly-Practitioner in Educational Leadership Ed.D. Student Award is presented to a student in the University of Maine’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program in educational leadership who has demonstrated a deep dedication to being a steward in the field of education. The recipient understands the importance of connecting theory to practice, addresses inequities through their problem of practice and remains dedicated to their graduate studies to improve outcomes for the communities they serve. Amy Sullivan, originally from Lincoln, Rhode Island, is the recipient of the Outstanding Scholarly-Practitioner in Educational Leadership Ed.D. Student Award (Credo Cohort) for 2024. You can read a Q&A with Sullivan below.

What difference has UMaine made in your life and in helping you reach your goals?

A photo of Amy Sullivan.
Photo courtesy Amy Sullivan.

Most educators have the goal of helping their students become “lifelong learners,” but sometimes we forget to make this a priority for ourselves. UMaine has allowed me to feel like I am giving myself the gift of lifelong learning. I am improving my practice as a teacher, learning from professors who genuinely care about my scholarly efforts, and discussing important ideas about education with expert leaders in my cohort. I am so grateful that UMaine is now a part of my life story!

Have you had an experience at UMaine that has changed or shaped the way you see the world? If so, tell us about it. 

Through my graduate coursework, the cumulative experience of thought-provoking discussions with my classmates has made a difference in the way I see myself as an educator and enlightened me to notice new perspectives in education.

Have you worked closely with a professor or mentor who made your UMaine experience better? If so, tell us about them.

Both Dr. Esther Enright and Dr. Maria Frankland have been instrumental in making me feel like I belong in this program whenever I doubt myself. They have a way of imparting their expertise, experience and wisdom while simultaneously making all questions feel valid. They hold high standards, provide valuable feedback, and are always responsive and available.

What advice do you have for incoming graduate students to help them get off to the best start academically?

Build relationships with your classmates and professors—learning feels so much better when you feel supported within a community and UMaine professors truly want you to succeed.

Why UMaine?

In researching different graduate opportunities for educators, UMaine’s Ed.D program stood out as one that aligned with my values of educating the whole child. It provided in-person support from professors, as well as the ability to consistently collaborate with other teacher leaders and administrators.

Favorite UMaine memory:

Getting the call that I am receiving this award is up there!

Special Thank You message:

A very special thank you to my husband, Joe. Without him encouraging me, supporting me and carrying my load during class time, I could never be a part of this program. I am so lucky to have him for a partner!