‘The Maine Question’: The evolution of athletic training and how UMaine’s program is evolving with it

The Maine QuestionOn the latest episode of “The Maine Question,” host Ron Lisnet welcomes Christopher Nightingale, director of the University of Maine Athletic Training program, along with assistant professors of athletic training Alicia Lacy and Shannon Wright, and senior athletic training major Katie Brittain to discuss the work of athletic trainers, how the field has evolved and the learning opportunities available through the university’s program.

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Show description:

Athletic trainers help both athletes and non-athletes recover from injuries and  get back in the game, and their services are in high demand. Job opportunities in athletic training have been growing rapidly in recent years, and so too have the places in which athletic trainers work.

The University of Maine has long offered a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, and alumni from it have found careers at high schools, major league sports like the National Hockey League, rehabilitation facilities and in other settings. This year, however, UMaine has incorporated a master’s degree for it, which prepares students to join the growing allied health profession providing acute care, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as prevention from injuries and illness.

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