Dominick Varney, COEHD advisor and in-demand actor, profiled in Maine Alumni Magazine

Dominick Varney, assistant director of undergraduate academic advising and support services for the College of Education and Human Development, is profiled in the winter edition of Maine Alumni Magazine from the University of Maine Alumni Association. Varney ’02, ’05, ’15 C.A.S. has been with the Advising Center since 2015. Before that he worked in the UMaine Admissions office and as an advisor for Explorations, Foundations, and Academic Recovery at the university. In 2012, he was named a top academic adviser by the National Academic Advising Association and one of two outstanding professional employees by UMaine. Outside of work, he is an in-demand actor, singer and director for theater companies around Maine, as well as a father to four-year-old C.J. along with his husband, Dennis. On his role with the Advising Center, Dominick says, “I work with students every single day who are making the decision to be a teacher. Being a teacher is the hardest thing to fake. You have to love it and want it. I can’t think of an industry that has a bigger impact on people’s lives, other than maybe healthcare.”