COEHD experts collect rapid response resources for schools facing threats of violence

In response to a rash of school shooting threats at Maine schools this week, the Maine Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Team led by faculty and staff at the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development collected resources for supporting schools during and after a crisis, which were published by the Maine Department of Education.

“We recognize that individuals will respond to these events differently, and some may require additional supports to process the experience. Reassuring students, staff and families that school is a safe, predictable, positive, and supportive environment is an important first step,” the Maine PBIS team wrote.

PBIS is a nationally recognized, multitiered framework providing a continuum of supports that promote positive academic and behavioral outcomes for all K–12 students. The Maine PBIS collaboration between the University of Maine System and Maine DOE has helped more than 75 schools across the state implement the framework, with more being added each year.