WABI, WVII interview Jacobs about recess policy study

WABI (Channel 5) and WVII (Channel 7) interviewed Lauren Jacobs, a lecturer in kinesiology and physical education at the University of Maine, about her recent study focusing on different elementary school policies for deciding when it’s too cold for students to go outside for recess. Her 2017 survey yielded insights into policies based on many different factors, and found that schools in southern Maine typically would not cancel outdoor recess unless it was 20 degrees or colder, while schools in northern Maine would not cancel recess unless it was below zero. “What I’m hoping with the research is that schools take a look at their policies and think about what they are, think about why they are set at those temperatures and then think about how could small policy changes result in more outside time for kids,” said Jacobs, adding that outdoor physical activity has many benefits including physical health and overall well-being. “Kids that move more do better in school and they’re healthier physically and emotionally and so as educators it’s really an important goal that we get kids moving as much as we can.”