Social Skills Development and Support Group

This group is for neuro-diverse students to engage in skill building, support, and open discussion regarding the improvement and importance of social communication and relationships personally and professionally; as well as the way technology impacts relationship building. It is facilitated by two counselors at the Counseling Center and meets Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00 starting February 14, in the group room at the center (5721 Cutler Health, #125). The group is open, meaning you can stop in at any session depending on if the topic resonates with you. Below is a list of topics that will be covered throughout the weeks:

  • Week One 2/14/23 : Where to meet people
    • Safe spaces and logistics when meeting someone new
  • Week Two 2/21/23 : Body language and availability
    • Understanding the messages we give with our nonverbal cues
  • Week Three 2/28/23 : Conversation skills
    • Finding common interests, safe topics, and other communication skills
  • Week Four 3/7/23 : Inner Dialogue
    • Self talk and self compassion


  • Week Five 3/21/23 : Affirmations
    • Building a relationship with yourself
  • Week Six 3/28/23 : Letting go of the past
    • Moving on from “failures” and “awkward” experiences
  • Week Seven 4/4/23 : Sarcasm and humor
    • When and how to use humor and how to better understand or express misunderstanding when someone else makes a joke


Topics are subject to change as conversations develop. We hope to empower members to bring their knowledge and experience to the group. We look forward to meeting you!