The Department of Chemistry offers several scholarships to majors in chemistry at the University of Maine. All current majors are considered automatically each spring for awards that become effective the following fall semester. The exact funding of each scholarship depends upon the performance of the University’s investment pool; amounts quoted below are approximate values.

The Charles A. Brautlecht Scholarship was established in 1978 by a bequest from Louise I. Brautlecht in memory of her husband, former Professor of Chemistry, Charles A. Brautlecht. The award is based on character and scholarship in the department, and is made for a student’s senior year. It may be divided among several students. The current value of the award is approximately $2,784.

The Paul Louis Goodfriend Scholarship was established by the Department in 1995 in memory of the late Paul Louis Goodfriend, Professor of Physical Chemistry.  The current value of the award is approximately $570.

The James L. and Helen J. Wolfhagen Award was established in 1987, initially by a gift from then Department Chair R. C. Fort, Jr. Subsequently, the Award was endowed by the Wolfhagens themselves. The award is made to upperclass chemistry majors based on overall GPA, chemistry GPA, and performance in any independent work. Previous awardees remain eligible. The current value of the award is approximately $558.

The Charles R. and Diana E. Russ Sophomore Scholarship was established with donations from the faculty in 1992 and subsequently named for and endowed by the Russes. Charles R. Russ taught general chemistry at UMaine for more than 30 years. The income from the fund is used to provide assistance to sophomore chemistry majors. The current value of the award is approximately $840.

The Donald M. Sylvester Scholarship was established with a grant from the estate of the late Mr. Sylvester, who was a UMaine chemistry graduate more than 50 years ago. The current value of the award is approximately $1,827.

The Robert C. Petterson Research Fund was established at the University of Maine Foundation in 2016 for the benefit of the University of Maine, Orono, Maine with a bequest from Robert C. Peterson ’44.   The current value of the fund is $5,574.

The ACS – Hach Land Grant Scholarship provides financial support for chemistry majors who are in pursuit of becoming high school chemistry teachers. Recipients shall have a GPA of at least 3.0, be currently enrolled as an undergraduate chemistry major, or in a Masters program having earned an undergraduate degree in chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering with a commitment to become a chemistry teacher.  Financial need will be considered but shall not be the determining factor in the selection. The current value of the scholarship is $26,298. This scholarship involves an application process, which you may download below or see the Chair for more information if you have trouble downloading the scholarship application.

Hach scholarship 18-19

For more information about these scholarships, contact Professor Alice Bruce, Chair, Department of Chemistry; 207.581.1168 or