Graduate Courses

CHY 502 Chemistry Instructional Laboratory Leadership (1 Credit)

For chemistry teaching assistants to learn how to effectively communicate, supervise laboratory work, and facilitate group interactions with students in the general laboratory.

CHY 523 Advanced Polymer Chemistry (3 Credits)

Polymer types, synthesis kinetics and mechanisms, characterization techniques, and molecular structure and applications in contemporary polymer science concepts and literature. Prerequisite: A grade of C- or better in CHY 252 or equivalent; or permission. Note: Because of overlap, CHY 423 and CHY 523 cannot both be taken for degree credit.

CHY 531 Structure and Mechanism in Biological Chemistry (3 Credits)

Examination of biosynthetic pathways, structure and function of enzymes including metalloenzymes, methods of structure determination and synthetic pathway elucidation, mechanisms of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. PrerequisitesA grade of C- or better in CHY 252 and CHY 254 or equivalent.

CHY 541 Topics in Advanced Analytical Chemistry (1-3 Credits)

Topics may include advanced techniques in bioanalytical separation, Fourier transform, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and other vacuum technologies. Influence of hard- and software computers such as analyzers, detectors, sources and digital/electronic filters for noise removal and improved detection limits. Prerequisite: permission.

CHY 551 Topics in Advanced Organic Chemistry (variable)

Recent advances in stereochemistry, reaction mechanisms, heterocyclic compounds, natural products, and other graduate level topics. Prerequisite CHY 555 or CHY 556. Credits arranged.

CHY 555 Intermediate Organic Chemistry (3 Credits)

Detailed study of preparation of complex organic compounds and newer synthetic methods. Prerequisite:  A grade of C- or better in CHY 252..

CHY 556 Theoretical Organic Chemistry (3 Credits)

Includes topics in electronic theory and reaction mechanisms. Prerequisites: CHY 252.

CHY 559 Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry (1 Credit)

Discussion and solution of problems in mechanism, synthesis, and structure determination taken from current chemical literature. Required of all graduate students in organic chemistry once each year for a maximum of four credits. Prerequisite: CHY 252 or equivalent or permission.

CHY 560 Physical Methods of Inorganic Chemistry (3 Credits)

Applications of the principles of group theory and modern spectroscopic techniques, including X-ray diffraction and photoelectron, infrared and Raman vibrational, electronic, and magnetic resonance spectroscopies in inorganic chemistry. Prerequisites: CHY 461 or CHY 575 or permission.

CHY 562 Advanced Organometallic Chemistry (3-4 Credits)

An introductory course for graduate students covering the principles and applications of organotransition metal chemistry. Topics include coordination chemistry, group theory, organometallic reaction mechanisms, electrochemistry, photochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, catalysis, and applications to organic synthesis. Includes laboratory. Prerequisites: CHY 252 and CHY 461 or equivalent or by permission.

CHY 571 Topics in Advanced Physical Chemistry (3 credits)

Advanced level subjects such as quantum chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, theory of solutions, statistical mechanics of mixtures, applied group theory, structure and bonding. Credit arranged.

CHY 573 Computer Simulation Methods (3 Credits)

Computer simulation using Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics techniques with applications in chemistry, physics, materials science and molecular biology. Prerequisites: CHY 471 or PHY 236 and knowledge of FORTRAN.

CHY 578 Nanoscience (3 Credits)

Fundamental concepts in nanoscience explored: Scaling principles, nanoscale materials, micro/nano fabrication techniques, atomic manipulations and nanorobotics. Prerequisites: CHY122 (or CHY131), PHY122 and MAT258 or permission of instructor. CHY471 & CHY472 recommended, but not required. Note: Because of overlap among CHY 477, ECE 457 and CHY 578 only one can be taken for degree credit.

CHY 583 Advanced Wood Chemistry (3 Credits)

Fundamental chemistry of carbohydrates, lignin, and extractives. Prerequisite: CHY 252 or permission.

CHY 661 Topics in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (2 Credits)

Advanced level topics such as chemistry of the representative elements, transition metals, organometallic compounds, group theory and chemical bonding in inorganic compounds. Prerequisite: CHY 461 or CHY 575 or permission.

CHY 693 Graduate Seminar (1 Credit)

Reports and discussion of recent developments in chemistry and related fields based on the literature or on current laboratory investigations. Required of all graduate students every year.

CHY 698/699 Graduate Research/Graduate Thesis (Arr. Credits)

Graduate thesis or research conducted under the supervision of student’s advisor.