Undergraduate Program

Chemistry Courses

At the University of Maine, chemistry majors take courses in the traditional sub-disciplines of organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and biological chemistry. The curriculum, which is certified by the American Chemical Society, is designed to provide a good foundation in each of these areas and then will build on this foundation with in-depth course work in two or more of these areas. Hands-on work in the lab is an important aspect of your training as a future chemist. Chemistry is an experimental science and laboratories are where new areas are discovered and contributions to society are made. In the laboratory, you will learn techniques that will serve you well as you develop your ability to ask good scientific questions and explore possible solutions. You will also reinforce what you have learned in class and gain the ability to support the theories you’ve learned within an applied context.

Independent Research

All chemistry majors in B.S. degree programs at the University of Maine conduct independent research with a faculty member.  The University of Maine is the only university in the state that offers graduate programs in chemistry. The presence of graduate students offers a unique and valuable experience for our undergraduate chemistry majors who work closely with the graduate students and faculty in our research labs. Many of our majors have been co-authors on scientific presentations and publications. 

Becoming a Chemistry Major

The curriculum for chemistry majors provides a solid foundation in chemistry, and also allows the opportunity for students to earn minors, concentrations or even complete double majors in other subjects.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Alice Bruce, Chair, Department of Chemistry, 154/271 Aubert Hall, Orono, ME  04469, abruce@maine.edu.

Virtual Chemistry

For a brief overview of the Chemistry Department, you can click on this youtube link that was developed in conjunction with the Admissions office. Featured in the video clip is Megan Arsenault.  Megan mentions she is a 3rd year Chemistry student.  She graduated with her B.S. degree (ACS Certified) in May 2021 and has settled in Tampa, FL and is working for a clinical research company studying the effects of sarcopenia.  We do hope you’ll consider UMaine Chemistry for your next adventure!

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