General Chemistry Lecture/Lab Contact Information

Important Contact Information – General Chemistry

For questions regarding your General Chemistry lecture/on line textbook/Mastering Chemistry:  Course #’s CHY 121, CHY 122 , and  CHY 131, General Chemistry, the first option is your class instructor.  Dr. Sarah E. Bernard, Dr. Sarah Lindahl, Dr. Ana Chatenever, and Dr. Mitchell Bruce are contact people for these courses.

For questions regarding your General Chemistry labs:  Course #’s CHY 123, CHY 124 and CHY 133 general chemistry labs–

General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator, Dr. Mitchell Bruce: OR

General Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Dr. Sarah Bernard

Specifically, if you have issues related to the course or with TA’s, please contact the Chemistry professor in charge of the General Chemistry lab program:

Dr. Mitchell Bruce at

If you have problems related to lab experiments or your ICN account, please contact the lab manager:  Dr. Sarah Bernard at

Inquiries can also be directed to Chemistry Department Chair:  Dr. Alice Bruce:


Add/Drop Policy – General Chemistry Lab