Executive Committee

Chair – Steve Tatko, Appalachian Mountain Club

Vice Chair – Nava Tabak, Baxter State Park

Financial Officer – Eugene Mahar, LandVest (Clayton Lake Woodlands Holding, LLC; EMC Holdings, LLC, Falcon Lodge, LLC)

Members at Large 

Jeremy Miller, American Forest Management (BBC Land, LLC)

Carolyn Ziegra, Appalachian Mountain Club

Ryan Smith, Seven Islands Land Company

Shane Furze, Irving Woodlands

Advisory Committee 

John Ackley – Weyerhaeuser
Kyle Burdick – Baskahegan Company
Thomas Cochran – Downeast Lakes Land Trust
Ked Coffin – Irving Woodlands, LLC
Alec Giffen – New England Forestry Foundation
Mike Treat – Prentiss and Carlisle Company, Inc.
Trevor London– Huber Resources Corp. (Huber Timber, Fallen Timber, LLC,  Solifor Timberlands, Presley Woods, LLC)
David Field
– David Field 
Mike Jurgiewich
– Wagner Forest Management
Allison Kanoti/Kenny Fergusson – Maine Forest Service
Al Lyons/Zach Grover – Manulife Investment Management
Eugene Mahar – LandVest (Clayton Lake Woodlands Holding, LLC; EMC Holdings, LLC, Falcon Lodge, LLC)
Jacob Metzler – Forest Society of Maine
Jeremey Miller – American Forest Management (BBC Land, LLC)
Mike Pounch – Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands
Stephen Pollis/Louis Villeneuve – Tree-Star Timberlands, Ltd
Dan Pelletier – Huber Engineered Woods, LLC
Gaetan Pelletier – Northern Hardwoods Research Institute
Nava Tabak – Baxter State Park
Ian Prior – Seven Islands Land Company
James Robbins – Robbins Lumber Company
Brian Schneider – The Conservation Fund
Dan Smith – Pleasant River Lumber Co.
Chris Stone – The Nature Conservancy
Steve Tatko/Carolyn Ziegra – Appalachian Mountain Club
Kevin Topolniski – Acadian Timber Corp.
Nathaniel Vir – Sappi North America