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Cover of annual report, moss on treeRead the 2023 CFRU Annual Report today!

With 13 ongoing CFRU-funded projects, we’re proud to say this may be the largest annual report yet! The 2023 CFRU Annual Report features a new section on carbon research, reflecting our members’ growing interests and commitments to be part of our industry’s natural climate solutions. Other areas of interest include our long-term study, still in its infancy, the Maine Adaptive Silvicultural Network (MASN). MASN provides a framework for current and future research questions about the effects of various silvicultural treatments across Maine’s many forest types. The nested research potential for MASN is exciting – remote sensing opportunities, expanding our wildlife studies beyond birds and feeding growth and yield models that can only be improved upon by incorporating MASN data. We hope you explore the portfolio of research projects supported by over 30 organizations, spread over 8 million acres represented in this year’s report. Our members’ interests and goals are diverse and we feel our research is too – there’s something here for everyone. Enjoy!

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