Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report Highlights

Cover of 2019 CFRU annual report

  • The CFRU engaged thirty-three members representing 8.15 million acres of Maine’s forestland this year. CFRU members contributed $541,465 to support research activities during Fiscal Year 2019-20.
  • Nearly 40 members attended the fall field tour visiting four sites in Kibby Township on Weyerhaeuser forestland. Topics and sight visits covered the latest CFRU research at the interface of forestry and wildlife habitat.
  • Weymouth Point Study: The long-term impacts of whole-tree harvesting has been completed; results may inform development sustainable forest management standards in northern New England.
  • LiDAR-based flow-channel, depression and wet-areas mapping initiative were presented at a series of meetings and workshops to inform how geomorphic features such as flow channels, depressions, cartographic depth-to-water and related seasonal variations can be emulated based on digital elevation models.
  • Ground telemetry efforts in 2018 and 2019 yielded 964 American marten locations, contributing to an overall dataset of 7,009 telemetry locations on 153 resident marten. Future work will integrate these data with a time series of habitat data developed from satellite and aerial imagery to investigate marten responses to three decades of habitat change.

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