Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report Highlights

  • CFRU membership and funding has remained relatively stable this year, with 34 member organizations representing half (8.1 million acres) of Maine’s commercial forests.
  • Establishment of the Maine Adaptive Silviculture Network (MASN) commenced this, year with three sites selected on land owned by BBC Land, LLC, Irving Woodlands, LLC, and Seven Islands Land Company. This new network is a statewide series of operational-scale silvicultural treatments where future research on forest productivity and sustainability will be studied. The MASN installation owned by BBC Land, LLC, was harvested in July 2017.
  • Data from pheromone traps and spruce budworm L2 density sampling, obtained across over 250 sites on CFRU landowner property in northern Maine, were used to model spruce budworm moth and larval abundance. Location was important, as were mapped forest conditions, with percentage of high-risk forest (mature forest with ≥ 75% of host tree species) within 500 meters of a trap being the most influential factor in predicting abundance.
  • More than 50% of radio-marked spruce grouse hens nested successfully in intensively-managed forests in Piscataquis County. Models suggest that reproductive success increases when spruce grouse nest sites are located in areas with greater structural complexity.

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