Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report Highlights

  • CFRU membership decreased slightly in Fiscal Year 2017–18, but acres managed remains stable with nearly 8.2 million acres managed by 32 cooperating members.
  • An evaluation of the effects of four different prescriptions on soil compaction and the cost of implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce soil damage suggest that the cost of BMP implementation (between $10 and $52 PMH-3) depends on machine maneuverability and the extent of area covered by the BMP.
  • Two sites in the Maine’s Adaptive Silviculture Network were harvested this year (one in T16 R8 owned by Irving Woodlands, LLC, and the other in T13 R15 owned by Seven Islands Land Company). Three more installations were established as well: Stetsontown Township owned by Wagner Forest Management, Thorndike Township owned by Weyerhaeuser Company, and Massabesic Experimental Forest owned by the US Forest Service.
  • Data from the 2017–18 spruce budworm second instar larvae (L2) survey suggest that overwintering larvae levels in Maine remain very low, with 32 larvae found in 13 sample locations and no larvae found in 242 of 255 locations
  • Two deer wintering area habitat models were produced using management guidelines from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, one of the models also including basking habitat within 250 m. Deer wintering areas for which we have the most recent occupancy information had the lowest proportion of high-quality wintering habitat.


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