Why Hire Maine Grads?

graduation09-1The Maine tradition of a solid work ethic is well known. Maine graduates are responsible, dedicated employees who work hard to get the job done. Employers who recruit our students understand this commitment and recognize its potential for creating a positive work environment.

  • Students at Maine know the meaning of working with limited resources to achieve quality results. In difficult economic times, employers need cost-effective methods to accomplish goals. Maine graduates analyze and solve tough issues in the workplace by applying commonsense thriftiness and ingenuity–essential skills which shape a Maine education.
  • Maine graduates successfully apply their strong academic foundation to practical use in the workplace. More than 80% hold jobs, which are often related to their studies. From summer jobs and internships to co-op and field experiences, UMaine students seek opportunities to gain hands-on skills that will give them the competitive edge. A well-trained employee is an invaluable asset.
  • UMaine students are aware of environmental issues and have the technical skills employers need. Maine has a reputation as a strong supporter of environmental issues such as recycling, acid rain research and solar energy. Graduates are well educated in a setting where research and dialogue on environmental policies permeate the curriculum.
  • Approaching their work as team players, Maine students know how to efficiently get the job done. UMaine students know how to play off peoples’ strengths to achieve a common goal. Their strong communication skills are the glue that binds a workforce together.
  • A broad-based Maine education prepares students for a wide range of careers. For employers, versatile candidates are a strong plus. A UMaine education gives students the confidence and ability they need to apply their knowledge to the demands of a complex work environment.
  • Maine graduates can compete in the international marketplace. Through educational opportunities such as Study Abroad and multidisciplinary course offerings, students are exposed to diverse perspectives and a broad understanding of international issues. The University of Maine also hosts students from more than 90 foreign countries which contributes to the global dimension of the campus