Advertising/Co-Branding with the Career Center

If your organization needs to bring in new talent and you are competing with similar organizations in your industry for the best talent, the University of Maine Career Center would like to offer you some assistance.

Your organization’s logo can appear front and center to every University of Maine student and alum who visits the Career Center website.  The UMaine Career Center’s website receives over 100,000 “hits” per year.   All students and alumni seeking employment go to the Career Center’s website to access CareerLink, our job and internship listing database, so you will be sure to reach your target audience.

Underclass students engaged in career exploration are often required to visit the Career Center’s website as part of a classroom assignment that is designed to help them understand the links between their future degrees and career opportunities. Many academic programs at UMaine strongly encourage or require an internship prior to graduation, so students visit our website early and often.  Thus, co-branding with the UMaine Career Center will begin to make your organization’s logo a familiar sight to all our students, long before they begin their formal job search.

In addition, our professional staff gives career presentations to students in over 100 academic classes each year.   This means your logo will be viewable on a large screen before classes ranging from 20-200 students and we can refer to your organization as a friend of the University of Maine who is eager to hire our graduates.  We will also link your logo to your organization’s website.

To advertise with your organization’s logo on the UMaine Career Center website, here are some fee options to consider:

$2500 per year

$1500 per semester

$1000 for any two- month period of your choice

$500 for one month

For your convenience, you may now pay online.

Contributions of money or gifts are always greatly appreciated at the Career Center; please contact Crisanne Blackie, Director, at (207) 581-1359.